Habits Seniors Should Drop To Have A Healthy Life

Habits Seniors Should Drop To Have A Healthy Life

Attaining the age of 65 is a great achievement. The only bad news is that as you age, your health can easily deteriorate. In fact, the simple habits you used to indulge in when you were a younger adult may expose you to illnesses and health various health complications. To have a healthy life, to live longer, and to be happier, you will have to drop some habits. Without much ado, let’s highlight some of the lifestyle habits that you should drop for you to stay healthy as you age.

  1. Quite smoking

Smoking is a habit that is not easy to die. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t quite smoking. In fact, you have to quit smoking if you want to live a healthy life as you age. Smoking is a habit that can kill you. It causes heart failure, stroke and cancer, and all these are life threatening conditions. Smoking is also known to cause erectile dysfunction. So, if you want to have a healthy sex life with your wife, then you should quit smoking. Look for resources that can help you quit smoking.

  • Listening to loud music

As you age, your ear drum becomes more sensitive to sounds, and more prone to damages. If you have grandchildren who love loud music, and you stay in the same home, just let them understand that it is not good for your ears. Avoid frequenting places with loud music because this may interfere with hearing abilities. Inserting earphones on your ears should not even cross your mind.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol is not good for your health. You don’t want to wake up every morning with a killer hangover every morning at that old age. If you have to take it, then be sure to minimize the consumption. Avoid getting drunk because it will impair your vision, make you unstable, and increase your chances of falling. And falls are among the major causes of injuries and deaths among seniors all over the world. Cut these bad habits to get approved for a AARP supplement plan https://www.medicaresupplementplans2019.com/aarp-medicare-supplement-plans-2019/

  • Avoid walking barefoot

Walking barefoot increases the risk of falls. Even though you might want to feel comfortable and free at home without putting on shoes, you should always remember that walking barefoot will only increase your likelihood of falling. Wear shoes with souls that grip the floor well to reduce chances of falling.

  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle

Spending most of your time on a couch is a habit you must drop if you want to live a healthy life as you age. Being inactive is associated with weight gain, reduced physical strength, unhealthy eating, loneliness, depression and so on. All these can make your general health deteriorate at a faster rate.